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Raquel Savage LLC Media Kit

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Dr. Ruth meets Amber Rose

Raquel is entertaining and educating the masses like no one else. She combines intellect, healing and sexuality to empower and teach people about a wide range of topics including trauma, sexuality, dynamics of abuse, anatomy and orgasms.

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Accessible healing for Black folks & SWers

Centering the well-being of Black queer folks, sex workers and survivors, Raquel created this non-profit mental health organization to offer low-cost/no-cost healing services to the community by Black and sex working providers.

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Executive Producing Black queer projects

Raquel started Kink Media Group in January 2020 to amplify Black, queer content creators. She has executive produced 5 projects through KMG — The Savage Life Podcast, DommeNation, B Nasty’s Toy Box, Sexxx Ed and Discourse.

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High quality adult content for us & by us

Raquel started CVNT Productions in January 2022 to amplify Black, brown, queer, fat, and disabled adult performers. Cvnt Productions produces high-quality content on location during our power shoots throughout the year.

Sample Writing

"I May Destroy You" by Raquel Savage

I recently listened to a snippet of an interview with the creator of I May Destroy You, Michaela Coel, who plays Arabella in the series. The show is based on Michaela's real story and follows Arabella as she experiences, processes and navigates sexual assault– major trigger warning, BTW. In the interview, Michaela talks about responsibility and power. Namely, that shifting from a victim-blaming perspective to a self-reflection perspective, can help survivors feel less powerless and move away from, what she calls, a two-dimensional view (criminal or victim). She uses the example of moving from "you should have watched your drink" to saying to yourself, "had I watched my drink, this wouldn't have happened."

This interview left a bad taste in a lot of people's mouths. Particularly after feeling so invested in and relating so heavily to the themes in I May Destroy You.

I understand why this interview was so offensive– discussions about harm, particularly abuse and rape, can be so triggering and painful. Especially, knowing that the majority of these conversations are being had and led by survivors– not harm-doers, abusers and rapists. That beyond these conversations, harm-doers and abusers typically never take accountability. They face no consequences. They feel no remorse. It's hard to focus on any other variables or contexts when we can get harm-doers to right their wrongs. The rest just seems irrelevant.



Discourse is a 5-episode rotating panel discussion. This season was facilitated by Black trans men, cis men and non-binary folks discussing Black masculinity. The cast covers topics like privilege, solidarity, parenting and more. Discourse is critical, nuanced discussion that sets an example.

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The Savage Life Podcast features Lexy, V, and Raquel, 2 sex workers and 1 self-proclaimed slut, unapologetically discussing sex, stigmas, sexual health and trauma. If you've been searching for honest, relatable and uncensored conversation about sex, look no further.

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Sexxx Ed is an educational series on our Onlyfans, hosted by Raquel Savage, using real bodies to bridge the gap for adults around anatomy, pleasure and sexual health. No bananas or diagrams are used here, you'll learn how to put a condom on an actual penis and learn about the vulva by looking at a real vagina.

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DommeNation captures the experiences of Black femdoms & findoms (financial domination). They cover consent, boundaries, ethics & safety, a #KinkStoryOfTheWeek. DommeNation offers the kink world a much needed Black, queer lens that's otherwise ignored!

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Zepp Wellness



With a focus on trauma-work, clients have the opportunity to process traumatic events and increase/encourage their ability to experience joy and gratitude in the present. Individual therapy is facilitated by Marie Baptiste & Raquel Savage.


Art Classes

Cum As You Are is an art class that interrogates eurocentric and colonial ideas of the body and genitals. During this class, participants get to re-define and create a unique self-portrait of their genitals. This class is hosted By Meagan.


Energy Work Classes

The Trauma-informed Energy Work course uses meditation, breathing and body movements to restore clients’ sense of safety after sexual trauma; release any rage or shame; and remind survivors their bodies are not their enemies. Five Element Qigong is facilitated by Leah Santos.


Rent Relief Fund

Through Zepp Wellness' Run Me My Coin Rent Relief program, we contribute to rent payments for Black trans women who are navigating sex work on a monthly basis. This fund is coordinated by Black trans women to ensure decisions about the fund are made by those being served!


Trauma-Informed Yoga

Trauma-informed yoga incorporates breathing exercises and mindfulness to help reduce stress and the physiological symptoms of anxiety. Trauma-informed yoga is facilitated by Norma.



We are now offering community workshops led by Zepp's Clinical Director, Angie Gunn LCSW, CST. Donations are greatly appreciated and help fund our programs!




Raquel is taking her talents to academia! In the classroom, she works directly with graduate and PhD students teaching advocacy, skills and competency for counselors around sex work, race and gender.

Beyond the classroom, Raquel is dedicated to amplifying the experiences of Black therapists. Using a Black feminist lens, she facilitates a research study exploring the perspectives of Black clinicians in regards to their graduate training and practice.



Trauma Workbook

Raquel is taking over the literary world by writing a non-fiction book using her stories as a framework to discuss and destigmatize trauma. As a follow-up, Raquel will release an interactive, self-help workbook for trauma healing & wellness.

The Sex Coach
Reality TV

On this reality series, Raquel will help women embrace their sexuality. The Sex Coach will shadow Raquel as she works directly with clients to overcome issues like healing from past sexual trauma, sexual health education, STI prevention & management, intimacy, dissatisfaction and more.

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