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A Conversation with Survivors

Updated: Aug 30, 2022

Live Stream

To celebrate the end of the survivor takeover, we had a collective convo as a possibility model for what it looks like when survivors connect and just, shoot the shit! There was no intended purpose — we simply spent an hour asking each other random questions about food, healing, and other things that feel important to us that don’t center abusers!! It's so important that we make intentional time to cultivate community and (re)build safe spaces. Because it is so powerful when survivors connect.

So grab a drink or roll a blunt and join us for some casual convo. And feel free to reflect on these questions for yourself, too!

Check out part one and two and be sure to go follow the wonderful people involved in this project: @itsjujubae @natinthehattt @ngwagwa @bubblybutfierce @bellaeikomedia

Raquel Savage
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