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Sex work & dating, hiring a worker, gaining safety in your sensuality & more!

#AskRaquelSavage February: Here are the questions I answered this month!

  1. How does being in the sex industry affect your dating life?

  2. How do I communicate with a guy my standards when it comes to money? I don't want to be called old-fashioned, sexist, gold-digger etc.

  3. I’m 27 and never had sex before. I want to hire a male escort to ensure I have a good first experience - do you have any safe resources I can refer to as I start my search?

  4. How can you feel grounded, safe and secure in your sensuality if you have been chastised and gaslighted for it?

  5. What advice would you give for a gay sex worker (aka me) just starting out?

Transcript is attached!

Feb #AskRaquelSavage
Download DOCX • 27KB

Raquel Savage
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