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Body Mapping with Meagan Jain

Updated: Aug 30, 2022

Hey folks, here's the recording of April's paint & sip, body mapping live stream with @meaganjain -- during this live stream we used art to explore body awareness using patterns and color. We did both an abstract version and an outlined body map, illustrating how we feel or relate to our body. Grab some wine, draw your own and know that you can use whatever materials you have in the crib, even pencil and paper is fine! This could also be a great zoom hangout activity with friends!

Meagan Jain: Meagan is a Brooklyn-based painter, muralist, and empowerment educator. For over a decade, Meagan has taught and inspired thousands of people ages 7-107 how to engage with creativity and find empowerment through painting.

Meagan’s focus is to break down barriers of ageism, sexism, and fatphobia by giving people artful tools to amplify new ideas of self-love, confidence, and acceptance.

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