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Creating Routines for Care Tasks

Updated: Aug 30, 2022

Hey folks, don't be scared off by the word 'routine' -- this month I chatted about how to prioritize care tasks (cleaning up, laundry, yoga, whatever else) in a way that centers you. Often times, people ask us to create routines and offer rigid structures for how to get things done. Beyond that rigidity being triggering, sometimes we just don't function like other people! Moreover, we don't have to do things like white people!

Nonetheless, rituals (a funner word than routines? -- is 'funner' a word?? anyway...) are good for your mental health, decrease anxiety and allow you to be more present with yourself. Know that all of the info I discussed can be changed and molded to fit something that works for you!

Raquel Savage

Bonus - May - Care Tasks
Download DOCX • 71KB

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