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Desirability, identities & sex work ft. Carnegie Velvet

Updated: Aug 30, 2022

I sat down with the wonderful Carnegie Velvet to chat about desirability, intersecting identities and Sex Work. Many of us navigating Sex Work are also balancing multiple identities - we chatted about what that looks like for them being Black, queer, disabled, etc. Alongside that, we discussed balancing desirability as both an inflexible structure of privilege and a flexible spectrum based on how we look (as our bodies, and identities, change).

TW/ sexual assault & eating disorders

Watch the full conversation here. About Carnegie Carnegie Velvet is an experimental filmmaker and operatic P*rn Star Bouncing on a Bubble Butt for Coin Until Coin Becomes Irrelevant. Artist formerly known as the award-winning, and winning, Lyric Seal. With these identities combined, they have been performing in and

Pleasure activist. Anti-fascist. Art punk slut. Visual artist and model. Choreographer and dancer. Actor and Director. Singer and songwriter. Velveteen Rabbit Fairy prince/ss. Classic, nasty, whimsical, mystical, and real as hell. A sapphic bottom and a fruity top. Masochist but never submissive. Nubian wish-granter accepts all gifts. Especially things you had to hold with your teeth while traveling to me through fire. Will leave you with dangerous ideas and recurring dreams.

IG: @Evenvelvetfeels Twitter: @Evenvelvetfeels

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