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Fatphobia 101 by Da'Shaun

Updated: Aug 31, 2022

I am so excited to collaborate with Da'Shaun Harrison (they/them) for the entire month of March to give you hella content around fatphobia, body image, etc. Da'Shaun is a nonbinary abolitionist and organizer who does TONS of brilliant work around race, sexualiy, gender (dis)abilities, fatness and more.

For March's educational video they're giving you an easy break down of fatphobia and the varying ways it shows up in our lives. For those who are familiar, this will be a good refresher; for those unfamiliar, this will be a great introduction to the topic to get you reflecting!

Click this link to access the video:

Make sure to go follow and support @DaShaunLH on twitter and instagram !!

Raquel Savage
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