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Freedom from my callout ft. @itsjujubae

Updated: Aug 30, 2022

How do I decide if I want to organize a public call-out?

Juju (@itsjujubae) opens up about her public call-out process and speaks to the anxieties, worries, and freedom that lies on the other side of publicly naming a rapist. Whether one is interested in a public, private, or internal process with an abuser, Juju walks you through a few thoughts, feelings, and possibilities that helped her think through and decide how to make this very intimate and personal battle, a community lesson on healing and accountability.

Watch the full video here.

About Juju Bae Juju Bae is a Black millennial medium from Baltimore, MD. She is the host of A Little Juju Podcast, a podcast centering African and Diaspora spiritual traditions and religions. It is all things spiritual decolonization including witchy insights that centers Black femme spirit workers. Ancestral work has allowed her to find her voice in the movement and subsequently the world as a tool to liberation and self/communal healing. Juju is also a reiki practitioner which has been powerful in her own personal healing journey as a survivor of sexual violence.

Raquel Savage
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