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Interview with My Mom

I sat down with everyone's favorite sex work-supporting, colonizer house mom skjiiskjkisjisjsjsi

I talk (and post) a lot about my mom which has prompted lots of questions about our relationship. So we answered some questions and had a raw ass conversation about my upbringing, white women raising Black kids, sex work & whorephobia and parenting. TW// simply because this conversation gets heavy, however, you hear us unpack and resolve things in real time (including things we don't agree on), all centered in the desire to love and support each other.

This is a great discussion for adult children trying to navigate your parent's shit, whether or not that relationship is a priority to preserve. And a great discussion for parents trying to learn where and how they can do better, including having more grace for yourself — ultimately, vulnerability is scary and learning to manage and sit with it can be super rewarding when it means greater intimacy!

  1. Were there ever times you’ve disagreed with a decision I made and worried about my safety?

  2. What was I like as a kid?

  3. How do you navigate being the white mother of a biracial child?

  4. What advice do you have for adults trying to talk to their parents about participating in sex work?

Interview with mom
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Raquel Savage
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