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Orgies #ThoughtProvokingThirstTrap

Updated: Sep 1, 2022

I did things a little different this month. This isn't really a #TPTT - this is what I would consider a sample chapter if I were to write a book lol :) Enjoy this fuckery.

I’ve always felt insatiable. My sexual appetite combined with being unafraid to explore led me to situations, and instigating situations, where I could have as many experiences as possible in one setting. Orgies feel very unique in terms of the amount of coordination required to organize one although often, it’s simply serendipity that is the catalyst.

If I pull back the layers one could suggest there’s a desire for connectedness, a deep longing for intimacy, sexual or otherwise. Because in group sex settings, besides the surface level skin-slapping, there is a greater display of togetherness. So many moving parts working together, and alongside each other, in harmony even through the apprehension and inevitable clumsiness.

My humble orgy beginnings truly did not start until I met Brandon**. He was a classmate of mine in college, a class clown, and handsome. He was arrogant too – I don’t think anything could embarrass him and he would never back down from a dare, no matter how dangerous or foolish. Brandon rode bikes and would stand on them while they were going full speed, arms spread like he’s standing on the edge of the Titanic (HEAD ASS). Fearless. And Brandon loved hoes. A gross misogynist, he juggled girlfriends and side chics with absolutely no remorse. When I reflect on how he treated women I get mad at myself for associating with him, however, he played an undeniably important role in my life.

The first time he came to my house he brought his homeboy. We took shots and before I knew it, I had one dick in my ass and one down my throat. This was nothing new to me, threesomes were old news. While I saw the encounter as an average Tuesday, I believe my genuine interest in sex, which allowed Brandon to skip over the part where he had to appease me, was appealing to him.

We became fuck buddies and he began inviting me to his house parties. He was friends with lots of guys outside of our school and had an older brother (also handsome, who also had handsome friends) who would come around. It was a playground to me. And he knew it. He would introduce me to guys and feel out my responses to them – he was learning about my taste. Sometimes I would scrunch up my face and say, “no, absolutely not.” Other times, he hit the nail right on the head. Almost immediately I started having sex with different guys at his parties. I would arrive, have a few drinks, he would make introductions, I would pick who I wanted and that was that. It was the best possible scenario for me.

Sometimes I’d take a guy into the bathroom solo. Sometimes I’d fuck them in groups. Sometimes with other girls. I reveled in this freedom. These parties filled me up, literally (LMAO) and metaphorically. I could do whatever I wanted with no social repercussions (ie. being called a “hoe” in a negative context resulting in humiliation). Brandon and I had built a relationship that was beneficial for all parties – I got lots of dick (and pussy) and befriending me benefitted him on multiple levels. So, he was committed to making sure I was good. No matter how drunk he was, he always managed to monitor what I was doing and who I was with; checking on me to see if things were going smoothly. If guys acted up, which they rarely did (typically newbies), he checked them. Immediately.

When I think about all of this now, I am so grateful. I’m also fascinated by men’s ability to use their power in women’s favor WHEN THEY WANT TO (in this case, when it benefited them). Brandon was not a person who respected women, generally, in fact he was a raging sexist – however, he chose not to weaponize sexism, and did not allow other men to weaponize sexism, in the context of me and my sexuality. One man making the decision to police himself and other men, in one context, allowed me to safely and freely explore my sexuality amongst men, ten dicks at a time (lol sike 7 was the most I ever did at once).

This is absolutely not me awarding a man for doing what is right in one part of one relationship with me. Men need to be accountable for the ways in which they benefit from and perpetuate toxic and violent behaviors towards others even when they seemingly do not direct that violence towards you. This is simply proof that it is possible. That men’s commitment to holding each other accountable is possible. That men providing spaces for women to exist, unharmed, is possible. All it takes is men being intentional.

Now I guess I can’t do a chapter about orgies without telling a story so I guess I need to choose my favorite orgy story. In all honesty, the majority of group sex stories I have, with cishet men, include at least one flaccid dick – lots of orgy FAILS. I’ve chalked this up to cishet men’s toxic masculinity, homophobia and misogyny. In my experience, and I would say this applies on a broader scale, as well, when cishet men meet a woman like me, although enamored, they feel a power shift that confuses their egos resulting in a not-so-productive effect on their penis.

Many men get-off on knowing they have manipulated, guilted, or otherwise finessed a woman into sex, ESPECIALLY sex they view as (extra) exploitative (ie. “trains”). When they meet someone who is completely transparent, unapologetic and experienced, many men’s desire for sex shifts. The idea of ME conquering THEM is much less appealing. Because if I enter a room knowing exactly what I want with the refusal to feel shamed I HOLD THE POWER (especially if I have men on my side).

Homophobia is an obvious orgy deterrent as, “having your dick out around other men is ‘gay’” (which I mean, certainly having a hard dick and watching your homeboy cum is homoerotic however, those of us with sense know you’re only gay if you identify as gay and if you identify as gay, wonderful. I could write an entire chapter on gayness being both repulsive and alluring for cishet men, a complex relationship for a demographic who claim they hate queers but love watching big, veiny cocks ejaculate in pornos. I mean the term “cum shot” was literally – you know what? Never mind. I digress.).

My point is, writing about orgies with cishet men where boner-mishaps burdened the vibe seems redundant and less than interesting so I’ll offer you an all-girl orgy. At least you know this orgy will end in an orgasm.

My best friend, DJ**, was dating Trish** for about a year. He was so thrilled to be getting consistent pussy tension built between us because he preferred busting a nut over hanging out with me (which, logically I understood LMAO but I’m also a brat with abandonment issues, so). To make matters worse Trish was annoying as hell. It’s not like she was this really cool, interesting girlfriend of my best friend that I enjoyed being around. She was insecure, whiny, needy and just generally fucking irritating.

Trish’s friends were no different. Although they had different personality traits, the one thing they had in common was how annoying they were. Ya Ya** was a school ambassador, a teacher’s pet kind-of-annoying. Krissy** was just a raging (annoying) bitch. I very intentionally chose not to be around these three besides a few occasions where I had to be.

My sophomore year I moved off campus and got an apartment. I was the only one who had my own place and it was nice. Spacious. And perfect for parties. I let my homeboy throw parties at my house nearly every weekend and my goal, knowing me, was to make every party turn into an orgy. This would involve me being the life of the party (which side note: contrary to popular belief is not at all my preference or genuine personality), pouring shots, pulling my tits out so that other girls might feel comfortable to pull their tits out, etc. Lots of times parties would just end in me being the center-of-attention. Like one time, we played truth or dare; while my full intention was to get others comfortable fucking, the night ended with everyone in my room watching me get eaten out, while two different dudes sucked my titties. A win for me.


It was a typical weekend, the plan was to have another party. Around 10pm party-goers started showing up at my crib. I got a text asking if Trish, Ya Ya and Krissy could come. Of course, typically, I wanted nothing to do with them however that night, on a whim, I said yes. Everyone was in my living room, vibing and drinking jungle juice (made by yours truly). People were mingling, the girls were twerking on each other and the party was headed in the right direction. I sat on the couch and I saw the three amigos walk inside. They immediately approached, said their hellos and thank you’s. I offered them drinks and the night continued.

At every party the turning point of the night came when someone, usually my homeboy Ramon**, would pull out a chair, encouraging lap dances. Typically the boys would give lap dances to R&B music; sexy and hilarious. And the girls would dance on other girls, or other boys if they were feeling bold or were dared to. Somehow the three amigos turn their attention towards me and the next thing I knew I had Krissy’s ass in my face. She turned around to grind her vagina on me and I vividly remember feeling wetness through her leggings. I was acting very stoic but in my head I was like, “oh bitch it’s lit!” The other two were dancing on and around me, everyone was watching and hyping it up. Somehow, they led me into the hallway bathroom (in my crib I had a master bath no one was allowed in and hallway bath for guests. The hallway bathroom saw the worst of the worst.

Puke in the bathtub. Puke in the sink. That bathroom was a champ, tbh.)

So the three amigos led me in the bathroom and shut the door. I knew very little about these girls so I was assuming we were just going to keep dancing and then they would try to make it seem like something more happened for clout (this was not unusual, quite a few girls used me for "gay" stories which were completely false but it worked cuz I was whore LMAO). BUT THESE BITCHES WERE BOUT IT, BOUT IT. Immediately they started kissing each other, sucking each other’s titties and fingering each other; I was like, “OH TRUE!!!” Ya Ya came over to me, pulled my leggings down and started eating my pussy. Krissy pulled a titty out of my shirt and started sucking on one, playing with the other through my shirt. Trish was in the background playing with her pussy and simultaneously eating Krissy’s pussy.

Outside of the bathroom, in the space between the floor and underneath the door, you could see people’s feet moving around trying their hardest to hear and see what was happening on our side of the door. Every now and then someone would knock or yell, “man, what’s going on?!” Or, “yall playing!!” We were totally ignoring them.

I looked down at Ya Ya, my pussy all in her mouth, and Krissy playing with my nipples and I thought about how crazy this situation was given the context. These were three girls I lowkey ignored (and was kinda mean to) who were now turning me the fuck out on some weird, backwards domme shit. Krissy started squirting and the whole scene was just a fucking movie. I looked down at Ya Ya again and she looked up at me and said, “I’ve been waiting to do this for so long” and BITCH, I literally nutted. The people outside the door heard me cumming and started getting more rowdy knowing this was the best part of the show.

To this day, that is one of my favorite orgy stories, for lots of reasons, but particularly because it is a reminder that when men are not involved, and women are not performing, it’s fucking lit.

(Side note: I don’t regret being mean to those girls and I did not befriend them after the orgy lol it’s hella context not included in this story)

Raquel Savage
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