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Since the dawn of this uncivilized society, women have been taught to be scared of both their minds and bodies.  There has long been a need for the radical woman who dares to exist outside of the limits the world has created for her; not the housewife, not the whore (or maybe?), but the savage. Raquel Savage has dared to challenge the ways women are able to exist and she is proving the world is her jungle to explore.

Raquel Savage was born into a life of bold resistance that she attributes to her grandparents.  Growing up watching her grandfather, a Methodist minister, transgress by fighting issues pertaining to race and gay rights, Raquel grew to have a deep appreciation for social justice and an understanding of the importance of standing behind the righteous thing.  Her grandmother was an ASSECT-certified sexuality educator who was opinionated and fearless.


In many ways, one can say Raquel Savage is carrying on the legacy of her grandmother in her own work; taking it to bolder, more progressive places, but still holding on to that same feminist spirit of sexual agency, education, and body autonomy. For Raquel, liberation is a family tradition.

As Raquel got older, she furthered her work in sexual liberation work via education. During her undergrad she created organizations like The Q Group where she created a space for queer students and later earned a board certification in Human Sexuality. Currently, Raquel holds a master’s in Counseling (Marriage and Family Therapy.)

Savage is also committed to making her work accessible, substantial and personal. Through her work as a therapist, Raquel is able to personalize her labor and wisdom in an intimate setting. Her non-profit, Zepp Wellness Center, holds space for healing and care and her production company, Kink Media Group prioritizes creative projects for Black, queer folks and sex workers. In all ways, Raquel Savage is committed to centering the voices of those on the margins.

Raquel Savage is one of the most progressive and promising brands in media and she shows no signs of slowing down. Her relentless rise is partly because of her education and experience, but also because of her pure passion to erase the shame around trauma, sex and sexuality. Raquel Savage isn’t just a woman with a brand and passion, she has a mission. And that mission is to turn shamed folks into unapologetic, fearless savages too.


Biography by Myles E. Johnson​

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