What is a Sex Coach?

A Sex Coach is a trained professional in the area of sexual health. Styles, techniques and academic background vary depending on the provider. Sex Coaches can address an array of issues including sex education, dating/romantic concerns, sexual dysfunctions, etc.

What is your academic and professional background?

I hold a bachelor’s in Business Communications and a master’s in Counseling (Marriage and Family Therapy). I am also a board certified Sex Therapist Intern and a certified Trauma Incident Reduction (TIR) facilitator.

I have been a Sex Educator and practicing Sex Coach since 2015. In 2017, I began incorporating trauma-based therapy via TIR into sessions. I approach coaching from a Feminist perspective and integrate Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy (REBT) and Bowenian techniques into treatment.

What services do you offer?

I offer Sex Coaching, Trauma Coaching and Savage Sex Ed.  I am currently taking new clients for Sex Coaching and Trauma Coaching online - if you are interested in these services, please fill-out the form on the Coaching page.

For online Sex Coaching and Trauma Coaching, I use Zoom. In order to receive sessions, you will need to have access to: a quiet, private space; a device (ex. cell phone, laptop, etc.); reliable wifi; and a webcam.

I do not accept insurance.

What is Sex Coaching?

I facilitate Sex Coaching to address your psychological or physical sexual concerns. I consider Sex Coaching an informal version of therapy where we explore your family history, values/beliefs, etc. as it pertains to sex. Sex Coaching can include discussions around: gender identity issues, sexual dysfunctions, relationship/intimacy concerns, etc.

For more info on Sex Coaching, please fill-out the form on the Coaching page.

What is Trauma Coaching?

Trauma Coaching is an informal style of counseling incorporating talk-therapy combined with Trauma Incident Reduction (TIR) to process traumatic events. Trauma Coaching is typically between 10-20 sessions, or more if necessary, to address current or past traumas affecting your life.

For more info on Trauma Coaching, please fill-out the form on the Coaching page.

For more info on TIR, please visit http://tira.info/about-tir.html

What is Savage Sex Ed?

Savage Sex Ed includes workshops and consultations.

Savage Sex Ed workshops are interactive presentations discussing a topic of your choice. Typically people choose consent, ethical non-monogamy, fetishes or female orgasm. These workshops can be private (your guests and I come to your home) or public (community centers, universities, etc.).

Savage Sex Ed consultations are me giving you the opportunity to pick my brain on a topic of your choice for your homework, personal research, etc.

For more info on services not listed, please fill-out the form on the Contact page.

What are your rates?

For all inquires about Savage Sex Ed, please fill-out the form on the Contact page. Make sure to include as much information as possible (ie. the type of service you’re inquiring about, what information you’d like covered, where (if applicable), date/time, etc.). If travel is required, be prepared to cover the cost.

I facilitate untimed sessions for Sex Coaching and Trauma Coaching for a flat flee of $150 USD. For all inquires about Sex Coaching and Trauma Coaching, please fill-out the form on the Coaching page. I do not accept insurance. I take payments via Paypal, Zelle and Cash App.

Want to sponsor a session? Click here: https://paypal.me/RaquelSavage

(Student discounts available)

How can I contact you?

Please fill-out the form on the Contact page.

How can I make a donation?

To make a donation, click here: https://paypal.me/RaquelSavage

I need some advice, how can I talk to you?

If you are unable to afford my services, your best option is to contact me via social media. I will do my best to respond – please keep in mind I receive requests for free labor on a daily basis.

(I do not offer free services to cishet men and/or white people.)